Variety’s FREEDOM Program delivers crucial LIFE CHANGING equipment and services for mobility, independence and social inclusion to individual children and children’s organizations.

Variety’s FUTURE Program delivers crucial LIFE ENRICHING communication equipment and services, education and self-esteem to individual children and children’s organizations.

Variety’s CARE Program delivers critical LIFE SAVING medical equipment and services, healthcare and wellbeing to individual children and children’s organizations.

Variety – the Children’s Charity Hong Kong’s purpose is to help children who are less fortunate – children who live and grow up with a serious illness, disability or disadvantage. These are extra special children who require a special kind of help.


Variety - the Children’s Charity Hong Kong Limited is a tax exempt charity in Hong Kong (Reference 91/14278). Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Variety - the Children’s Charity Hong Kong is dedicated to delivering life-enriching services and needed funds that build better futures for disabled, critically ill and disadvantaged children in Hong Kong.

Unlike most charitable organizations that focus on a single area problem or issue, Variety focuses on multiple unmet needs of children who are sick, disadvantaged or live with disabilities and other special needs. One distinguishing feature of Variety - the Children’s Charity is that we generally do not make cash payments directly to beneficiaries. Instead, we aim to provide physical and practical resources to meet the needs of disadvantaged children and to relieve the burden on their families. The objective is to enable disadvantaged children reach their full potential and enjoy life through our programs.

Our aim is to maximize the real, long-term positive social impact for all children. Variety welcomes the support of any person or organization that shares our ideals and objectives. The profound and long-term life changing benefits your donation and support delivers to a child cannot be overstated.

Although Variety’s work is serious, we never forget the importance of having fun. Bringing smiles to the faces of children is a positive and fun experience for Variety volunteers, sponsors and supporters.We make every effort to ensure fiscal responsibility and effective use of our funding. We perform administration duties as a function of our volunteer-based and dedicated board of directors and undergo an annual independent audit. Of course, we can't do everything on our own. We proudly work in partnership with many hard working children’s agencies and charities in Hong Kong.

Our Mission

Our Vision

For children in Hong Kong who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to be empowered to laugh, experience life and attain their full potential.

Our Mission

To fund and deliver effective programs that address the unmet needs of disadvantaged children in Hong Kong.

Why Is Variety's Work Important?

To raise a child with a serious illness or disability costs a family four to five times the cost of a child not living with one or more of these conditions. Through Variety, your donation can forever change the life of a child and their family by helping fund key equipment and services to lessen the financial burden and provide every child with equality and a limitless future.

Large or small, every donation combines to deliver a better future and life to a child in need.