Dialing-up a visit to HKT

(Falcon Program, July 2021)
13/F, Kowloon Motor Bus Headquarters, 9 Po Lun Street, Mei Foo, Kowloon

Falcon program participants got to enjoy a private, guided tour at HK Telecommunications this summer. The tour was conducted at HKT’s Contact Ccentre, where they had the opportunity to see the company’s behind the scene set-up, followed by an industry talk on the telecommunications sector and the skills workers need to thrive.

HKT is Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider and a leading innovator with wide range of services ranging from fixed-line services, mobile to media entertainment (ViuTV, NOW TV).


“I loved the opportunity to see HKT’s office, and hear about telecommunications,” said one of the lucky participants. “It gives us the opportunity to find out about a new sector, find new interests and remind ourselves that what we studied does not narrow our choices in the workplace.”

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