Variety Hong Kong Care Giver Program event

Caring for the caregivers

(Caregiver Program, July 2021)

As part of our holistic approach to supporting Butterfly beneficiaries, Variety is committed to addressing the mental well-being of caregivers in within families.

Our pilot Caregiver Program was launched in July 2021 and we invited parents/carers of the children on Butterfly Program to participate in this free of charge. We invited professionals including child psychiatrists and both, clinical and educational psychologists to share their knowledge and experiences on the skills and mindsets necessary to win what can be a long battle.

Caregivers also acquired de-stressing techniques to help them navigate the often turbulent times. With social workers facilitating peer discussions, caregivers were enthusiastic in sharing their own challenges and experiences. The ultimate goal is for them to establish self-help groups.

During the caregiver workshop, their children were engaged in art workshops, led by Youth Ambassadors. To strengthen parent/child bonding, the program also included two afternoons when caregivers and children spent had fun together, with lots of games and prizes!

Parent quotes:
“I have always focused on caring for my daughter’s needs ….. Thanks to Ms Choy (clinical psychologist) I now understand the proper way to look after her is not to neglect my own (emotional) needs!”
“I suddenly discovered that my child is such an adorable kid! Attending this workshop made me realise that his actions (which I had misunderstood) in fact stem from his love and care for me.”

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