Our Crew


Variety Hong Kong was established in 2015 by a group of individuals from diverse career backgrounds: medical, legal, education, banking & finance, corporate, education, marketing, communications and consultancy

Together we form the board providing oversight, governance and direction for the work of the charity. We are supported by a great team of committed staff members who help deliver the programs every day.

In addition, we have a network of ambassadors who are ex-board members who advocate for the work of the organization helping drum up support as well as providing invaluable advice and counsel.

Our Board

Wai Yee Lam


Monique Wing Yee Yu


Virginia Lam


Tommy Chan


Steven Amio


Genevieve Chan


Don Hess



Dr May Mei-Ling Lam

Wai Yee Lam


Wai Yee is a senior executive with more than 30 years experience spanning several technology industries including key roles with major companies and early stage businesses, as well as advisory firms, in the UK and Hong Kong.

Wai Yee has extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector and serves on the board of other NGOs in Hong Kong. She holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management; a Master of Science in Computing Science from the University of Newcastle; and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University College of London, as well as a Financial Times Non Executive Director Diploma.

She is a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, UK.

“Growing up in the UK, I regularly saw kids with huge smiles as they were being taken out and about on the Variety Sunshine Coaches. By joining Variety Hong Kong, I hope to continue the mission to support children from less advantaged backgrounds– to bring fun and fulfilment into their lives.”

Esther Pak

Deputy Chairperson

Esther is a retired educator with 38 years of experience as a secondary school teacher. Also playing the role of Vice Principal, Esther has been in charge of pastoral care and student development, with extensive experience in supporting the needs and growth of students in their teenage years, plus their parents.

It has been her mission in life to provide youth from various sectors of society with opportunities for a well-rounded education. Programmes she has supervised and organized include those for life and value education, careers guidance, new students’ orientation, and mentorship. She enjoys collaborating with alumnae and parents of the school.

Esther is currently actively engaged in several youth development and training programmes, in addition to discipleship groups at church.

Esther holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Foods and Nutrition) from the University of Alberta, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a Master of Education, both from the University of Hong Kong. She also has a Certificate in Careers Teachers Training (HKU SPACE), an Advanced Certificate in School-based Counselling (HKSYU), and a Certificate in Educational Administration and Management for Senior School Administrators in Secondary Schools (HKBU).

”Our youth are our future. We do whatever we can to help them believe the same, bringing them encouragement, hope and joy.”

Monique Wing Yee Yu

Dough Guy (Treasurer)

Monique has run a multi-family office since 2014. Before that she spent more than 25 years in various areas in the financial services industry including as Head of Investment at a leading regional bank and a European bank, responsible for the bank’s proprietary investment in Treasury and Financial Markets.

Monique also has extensive experience in capital markets and structured finance with a leading US investment bank and experience in a leading accounting firm.

Monique has been involved in volunteer work with youth and children in Hong Kong and she currently serves in the school council of a secondary and primary school in Hong Kong.

“Children are the future of our society. We have the duty to provide equal opportunity for every child to grow and flourish.”

Virginia Lam

Chief Barker (Chairman)

Virginia has served as Honorary Treasurer of a number of not-for-profit organizations in Hong Kong. She is currently a Board member and Chair of the Investment Committee of a major Non-Government Organization providing services to the elderly in Hong Kong.

She has held senior finance and tax roles in accounting firms and at major corporations in the aviation and telecommunications sectors in Hong Kong.

She has held senior finance and tax roles in accounting firms and at major corporations in the aviation and telecommunications sectors in Hong Kong.

“Every child should have the chance to develop to his/her potential and be happy. It’s hard work in making that a reality, but ultimately nothing is more gratifying than to see the big smiles on their faces.”

Tommy Chan


Tommy is a registered social worker and served in the Social Welfare Department (SWD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for 35 years until he retired in 2019.

He was a Senior Social Work Officer, gazetted Probation Officer and an Approved Social Worker in the field of mental health. During his career, Tommy built extensive experience in managing volunteer work, child abuse and protection, domestic violence, child custody assessment and various child welfare issues.

Tommy is a Christian and member of the Discovery Bay Alliance Church where he has previously served as Deacon. He is a board member of Discovery Bay Alliance Church Community Services Centre.

“Children are angels from Heaven. They deserve our unconditional love, care and cultivation for an environment conducive to their healthy development. Let’s walk with Variety!”

Steven Amio


Steven is a regional finance director with more than 15 years’ experience across a variety of industries and sectors.  He currently works for a FTSE-listed wealth management firm and combines his professional responsibilities with driving the success of its charitable Foundation across the region.  

After many years working in M&A advisory, aviation, retail, and other areas, Steven took the plunge of moving into the not-for-profit sector in Hong Kong when he joined a local public policy think tank.

As a result of his time there, leading environmental, social and urban planning projects, he became a founding director of Drink Without Waste Ltd with a mission to eliminate the waste from single-use drinks in Hong Kong.

Steven is a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales, and holds a Masters in Modern Languages from Magdalen College, Oxford.

“We all spend so much time gaining skills in our careers, but the true value of those is only evident when we use them beyond the workplace: in our community and for those in need. As a team, we’re here to take on social challenges and find a better way.”

Genevieve Chan
Genevieve Chan


Genevieve is a seasoned brand and marketing professional who is complemented with her 4As Account Service Head, brand consultation, and hands-on knowledge serving global and regional listed companies brand marketing and through-the-line communications in Hong Kong, China and the APAC region.

A certified Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) under the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC), Genevieve also served as a 1-on-1 career coach for the students of a Hong Kong university.

Genevieve also has been an English Sunday School Catechist at St Teresa’s Church for close to 15 years and currently one of the Renewal in the Spirit (RiS) Youth Ministry In-charge.

A staunch supporter of the ‘enjoyment-performance cycle’ (a person who enjoys 75% of what one does is 3x more likely to succeed), Genevieve has a passion in designing fun and engaging learning programs for youth and children.

“Children with special needs are not disabled but “wired differently” – unique abilities and ways of processing information. Our community needs their uniqueness to make our world more wholesome. Yet, in a fast-paced environment where efficiency is key, understanding of their needs and individualized support still has room for improvement. Join us to promote understanding, break stigmas surrounding special needs, and help create an inclusive and supportive environment for all children to thrive in.”

Don Hess


Don is a former corporate lawyer with 38 years experience that includes working in Australia, the United States and Hong Kong. He has extensive experience advising boards of public and private companies, including in the not-for-profit sector.

In addition to almost 16 years as a partner in leading international law firms, Don served as general counsel and company secretary of one of Hong Kong’s leading publicly-listed companies for almost five years. He has also served as an Australian Government Trade Commissioner in New York, New Delhi, Bonn, Belgrade and Canberra.

Don was a founding Member and the founding Chief Barker (Chair) of Variety Hong Kong. He has previously served as President of the Asia Pacific Regional Council of Variety and was a member of the Board of Variety International from 2017 to May 2021.

“Kids don’t choose their circumstances, but they have to live with them every day. At Variety, we help kids living with disabilities, special needs or difficult circumstances to have a better life.”

Dr. May Mei-ling Lam

Honorary Advisor

Dr Lam has long-standing clinical experience focusing on child and adolescent conditions. She has been actively involved in training local educational and mental health professionals and promoting health education by delivering educational talks to the general public.

She is a Specialist Psychiatrist and an Honorary Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, CUHK, and Honorary Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong.

Dr Lam is a graduate of the University of New South Wales, and held a Research Fellowship at Harvard Medical School at Harvard University in 2004. She serves as advisor and committee members for youth programmes for various NGOs and Government bodies.

“I am passionate about helping underprivileged kids to maximise their potential given their strengths and interests through the Variety Butterfly Program.”

Catherine Cheung

Butterfly Programme Manager

Catherine graduated with honours from The University of Manchester with a master’s degree in corporate communications after earning a bachelor’s degree in social policy and administration from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has 8 years of project coordination experience in various sectors including movie and healthcare.

Catherine has always had a strong enthusiasm for volunteering and serving those in need within the community. In particular, her continuous efforts and commitment in supporting a close relative through struggles with AD/HD has inspired and shaped her as a strong advocate for early intervention and de-stigmatization of mental health issues.

“There are unique talents bestowed upon each child, if we could support a kid through his/her early hardships, the little caterpillar will transform into a butterfly in its full splendor.”

Caitlyn Poon

Youth Development Program Manager

Caitlyn holds a Bachelor’s degree in social science, majoring in Criminology.

With over a decade of dedicated youth mentorship, she intimately understands the turbulence and challenges that young people encounter as they navigate the intricate journey of early adulthood. Her journey has taught her the significance of empathy and compassion in helping the next generation find their way in the world.


“Motivated by the kindness and opportunities I’ve received, my mission is to give back by cultivating an environment where every young mind has the chance to flourish, develop, and contribute positively to the world.”

Kaia Chung

Associate Programme Manager

Kaia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government and International Studies from Hong Kong Baptist University.

She has a variety of volunteer experiences as well as working with philosophic and psychologic professionals.

With Variety, she is dedicated to promoting social integration, de-stigmatizing mental health issues, and creating an inclusive culture.

“Every child is a seed that has to be nurtured. With our love and strength, we can assist in the nurturing of the seeds, and they will spring up and become new trees.”



Chloe Chau

Programme Executive

Chloe holds a First-class Honours Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting and minoring in Psychology. With diverse work exposure in social enterprises, start-ups, NGOs in mental health, business innovation, and the art and cultural field. Chloe brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to her work.

She aims to empower underprivileged children, destigmatize mental health, and foster a caring and inclusive culture within Variety’s programmes.

We are driven by a shared passion to transform the lives of children and youth. By nurturing their unique potential and offering them a supportive environment, we empower them to overcome challenges and thrive. Together, let’s unlock a world of possibilities and create a brighter future for every young individual.

Leo Chan

Programme Executive

Leo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication. Rather than the traditional media industry, the emerging social innovation sector is where he found himself after graduation.

From the experience of working on youth-related social innovative programmes, he has come to realize that every child in society deserves an unimpeded journey into adulthood, regardless of their background or inherent abilities. He hopes that he can empower the younger generation with Variety, not with rocket science, but through compassion and a genuine concern for others.

“Even a tiny spark can ignite a flame, and small acts of kindness can make a big difference in a child’s life. In these troubled times, let’s not forget about the power of compassion and the difference it can make in the lives of our young blood in society.”


San Iong

Programme Executive

San, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from National Taiwan University, blends academic insight with heartfelt dedication in her role at Variety. Possessing a keen awareness of the crucial role mental health plays, she dedicates her efforts to non-profit services. Within Variety, San contributes to the organization’s mission, infusing it with a compassionate approach to foster a nurturing space for those in need.

“Every human being holds the inherent right to embrace their individuality and develop the resilience for a future full of possibilities.”