Our Governance


Variety Hong Kong was established in 2015 as a registered charity under s.88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

The operations and affairs of Variety Hong Kong are managed by the Crew, our board of directors, elected by the members and who hold office for three years. This group is responsible for ensuring we stay focused on our mission and to make sure that every single dollar in funding we raise is used in the best way possible to help the children and young adults of Hong Kong.

The executive at the heart of Variety Hong Kong comprises a Chief Barker (Chairman), Deputy Chief Barker (Deputy Chairman) and Dough Guy (Treasurer).  The maximum term of office of the Chief Barker and Dough Guy is two years and they may not hold office for more than two consecutive terms.

In addition, at least one-third of the Crew Members must retire each year although they are eligible for re-election. No Crew Member can serve for more than six consecutive years.

All Crew Members and officers of Variety Hong Kong are volunteers and are not entitled to payment, or to engage in personal business dealings with Variety Hong Kong. Crew Members pay their own expenses incurred doing their work for Variety Hong Kong.

We are an affiliate of Variety – the Children’s Charity International. However, we do not receive financial support from Variety International. All funds raised in Hong Kong are applied for the benefit of disadvantaged children solely in Hong Kong.

Variety Hong Kong is a member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services.

Our values are: Integrity (trust, authenticity, honesty, transparency), Dependability (consistency, responsiveness, commitment), Inclusivity, (acceptance, equitability), Optimism (positivity, ambition), and Quality (professionalism).


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