Swallow Caregiver Programme
Caregiver Program


Helping the caregivers of children with mental health issues through a structured program of professional guidance and peer networking

Our Swallow Caregiver Programme delivers healthcare and wellbeing to individual children and children organisations.


The Swallow Caregiver Programme is our latest initiative designed to help parents of children of the Butterfly Programme.

This structured programme provides the knowledge, insights, and practical tips in coping with different types of mental illness in child development. A series of workshops are conducted by clinical professionals, coupled with facilitated peer group discussions.

This deep intervention approach enables both child and parent more confidence in facing the challenges together, helping create better futures for everyone.

The first group of caregivers to benefit from this pilot programme in July and August 2021 was those looking after ADHD children studying in the primary years.

I don’t feel so lonely anymore as I know there are people who understand and bravely face similar challenges!”

Making a difference

Our first 27 families (50+ participants) attended 5 sessions of workshop and 2 sessions of family bonding fun-time in July and August 2021. By the end of the programme, caregivers realise that taking good care of one-self is equally important.

They all had a better understanding of coping strategies and the range of community resources available to them including the Variety Caregiver network providing continuous mutual support. Peer group sharing has lent tremendous support amongst parents/ caregivers.

Youth volunteers gained an appreciation of the skills required in communicating with special needs children- a first hand experiential learning opportunity!



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