Starting out on the right foot

(Falcon Program, June 2021)
The Wave Kwun Tong
Level 8, The Wave, 
4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Earlier this summer, we held a career exploration day for our Falcon Program members and prospective members (Young Falcons) to give them an insight into entrepreneurship. They listened with rapt attention to three keynote speeches which were followed by opportunities for small groups to talk to mentors from various backgrounds and career paths about the modern working world. The mentors also talked about their transition from education to work, and provided tips on how to make the most of every opportunity.


We are extremely grateful to our three keynote speakers:

Anthony So, the co-founder of OnGrad, a company started to help graduates transition and adapt to a modern workplace, and to help companies recruit more efficiently.

Kane Wu, co-founder of ThinkCol, a Hong Kong based AI and data science consultancy firm, creating end-to-end AI pipelines, including custom AI solutions, AI strategy consulting, data science training, and hackathons.

Queenie Man, the founder of The Project Futurus, a social enterprise set up to help and serve the aged population through innovations, services, public education, and volunteering.


“Career Exploration Day has provided an interactive platform for mentees to recognize the exemplary mentors and speakers with outstanding community contributions, entrepreneurship, and innovation.”, shared by one of the youths, “ Not only did the talks illustrate the meta-skills in the workplace, but they also highlighted their inspiring stories in overcoming personal challenges and their passionate belief in the pursuit of innovation for the good of society.”

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